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Our mission is "HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE..."

We accomplish the mission by attempting to do TWO THINGS really well. We meet basic needs, and we help people grow.

Children Playing

4,941 Children in North Brevard County live in poverty. These are kids that don't have any guarantee of 3 good meals per day. Most of them are precariously housed - some are even homeless. For these kids, life is about survival and dreams for the future are hard to come by.

North Brevard Charities has been in existence since 1958. We are a nonprofit organization - officially approved as a 501(c)3 by the IRS.


Our financial support comes from:

  • Sales at our Thrift Store;

  • A variety of Government Grants;

  • Rental income from our affordable housing program;

  • the United Way of Brevard County;

  • Donations from individuals, businesses, Churches, & civic groups.

We are governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors.  Their goal is to ensure that this organization positively touches the lives of as many people in need as possible.


Children's Race

Our vision for the future is a community where...

  • No children live in poverty

  • No one lives on the street, and

  • Fewer people are in need.

Happy Children
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