Ginomai (pronounced "Ginomai") is a LIFE ENRICHMENT and LIFE SKILL Training program. The term means "to be" or "to become." The goal of the program is to help each other BECOME the best version of ourselves!

  • WHEN: Thursday Nights at 6:30 PM

  • WHERE: Harry T. Moore Social Service Center (725 S. Deleon Ave)

  • WHO: For Everyone and Anyone


  • Door Prizes and Refreshments are available

Thursday Evenings in February:

TOPIC: "How to stay in the game during times of difficulty and stress"

"How to Stay in the Game During Times of Difficulty & Stress" presented by global leadership, behavior and emotional intelligence expert Chuck Inman. He will teach you how to develop better relationships, manage change, stay calm under pressure and achieve better results in your life. Chuck has provided this training in over 40 countries!