Cycling Across America

Journey Narrative


Going has been tough through the Sierra Nevada Range but getting used to the thin air and steep mountains Made 2 summits yesterday , a personal best for me. Really wore me down am in motel getting much needed r+ r. In Mammoth Lakes biked by Mono lake yesterday will be uploading more vids to website hope to be in Arizona in a week.Rethinking Death Valley had bad experience crossing desert between Wellington Navada and Bridgeport California on Sept15-16?  , will keep better journal in future.Ran very low on water and dehydrated. This is pic of that area.The other is one of the summits yesterday

Uploading more vids have people am also including in emails trying to funnel them to website will be giving narrative in periodic vids about giving to and going to  so as you receive info about trip with or without vids or pics feel free to post so we can bring more to Web site and focus on the giving part please bear with me I believe this can become a conduit for much giving .Thank you , physically challenging but is getting better

Next to stream, good water, south of Big pine California pushing for Lone Pine south of here on 395, Strong headwind yesterday slowed me down, hot and dry carrying lots of water.Sept23.

Gortex works wonders heading south from here to Bishop then onto Big pine via California 395 south to Barstow cross the Mohave desert , hope in arizona by monday.Go to for more vids should be posted in future.If you Facebook please strum up support for this charity it helps people greatly and this is what this is all about -giving.

Sept 20 conquered Conway summit between Bridgeport Ca. and Mono lake,8100 ft. and campsite next to creek Sept 22 south of Big pine on way to Lone pine Ca

Buses haul bicyclists and bikes free to top of mountain and gondolas are equipped with bike racks  to take them to the top , where they mountain bike down

Took a little time to scribble a little line on this little adventure.Landed in Reno Nv Sept 3 , rented a car picked up bike and gear at fed x.Drove to Carson City Navada , put everything together and started riding in the foothills for practice.Bent the back scewer holding the trailer to the bike , local bike shop fixed for free.Officially started up Spooner pass to Lake Tahoe from Carson City Sept 9..Was tough being I've never biked in the mountains let alone  these steep passes towing a trailer, I guess if your dumb you gotta be tough so says my Army son.Camped in mountains above Tahoe, Left Tahoe 2 days later up and down Luther Pass  .Camped high up on what is called The Tahoe Rim , was cold ,worked my way from hiway 89 to 88 to Gardnerville.Rested a couple days and headed south on California 395 turned off above Topaz lake to Wellington and took the Navada high dessert to Bridgeport. Ran very low on water was 102 degrees and dehydrated , camped on govt land in the desert, next day made it to Bridgeport .Stayed the night and pushed south toward mammoth lakes on Ca395.Found a beautiful campsite next to a Creek stayed 2 days.Met 2 indian brother's Mike and Art half Piute and half Washoe. This was their families old campgrounds.They hunted and fished here for many years.Pushed south over more mountain passes to Mono lake then Mammoth lakes stayed 2 days then onto, Convict lake and  Bishop ,Owens Valley , camped and pushed south on 395 to Big pine and camped at a peaceful site next to a trout stream.
Pushed on to Lone Pine I'm here now looking at Mt Whitney the highest mountain peak in the 48 states.
Will push on south to Indian Wells 80 miles south to the Mojave desert then to Barstow to cross into Arizona on route 40 east .been hitting headwind from the south making it very slow going.Hot and dry for many miles it looks like I'll be carrying more water which means more weight.The heat ,wind ,cold, lack of amenities takes a toll , yet it makes me think how strong those people must have been to cross this country 150 years ago with very little but their faith, and I still have a long way to go. Will be out of communication for a few days till I cross the  area between Lone Pine and Indian Wells.Not through but bypassing Death Valley.
Been biking now 2 weeks getting a little more used to it.The picture is from Lone Pine California -Mt Whitney.

Thought I'd better let you know where I'm at and what's going on.Last week came down from Johannesburg Ca. With a bad tooth ache and food poisoning then hit 25 to 30 m ph headwinds out of the south for 4 solid days. Made it to Barstow Ca. Went to see Dr. Robinson  a Barstow family dentist , he took X rays and told me I need a  root canal  he gave me a script for a type of penicillin and that seems to stave off the infection . I'd like to wait till I get back to Florida to have major dental done. I really appreciate him seeing me on an emergency short notice . I took 3 to 4 days off, rented a car and drove a whirlwind tour of the National Parks in Utah and Arizona. Bryce Canyon , Zion, Escalante, Red Rock,  North Rim Grand canyon. You will be seeing  vids and pics in the future . I Would not have made it by bicycle to these parks before winter set in and I don't do cold weather  bicycling .I'm skipping over the desert states and am starting the bike again in Shreveport Louisiana back to Titusville Fl.Throughout the Sierra Navada mountains I maintained a bike and gear rolling weight of about 365 to 385 lbs. up and down  the different  mountain passes.This includes my weight also . I've been shipping boxes back home to lighten the load , heavier winter gear etc. I just shipped the Bob yak trailer and am hopeful the lighter load and with mountains behind will be able to make better time.Would like to be back by Nov 1 to Nov 15 Lord willing.In Tuscon Az  bought 2 new Thule front panniers (bags).and a front bike rack, to haul some of the stuff I had in the has their shipping warehouse here and they really helped me out a lot.They have a great assortment of bike stuff.Still have lots to see and along way to go , look forward to seeing the South from a bicycle and will be sending more information in the future
This is a picture of what's called the Narrows in Zion National Park ,was  in here and took this pic.did not know until a day later a man was washed away 2 weeks earlier  by a flash flood , his friend survived but he did not.Right here in this same place.These National Parks have many areas designated wilderness and they tell people to be aware of your surroundings.